The United States Money Transmitter Licenses are one of the most coveted licenses that there are in the world.

They are also expensive and take a long time to obtain all the licenses for all the states in order to have nationwide coverage. But ABM Global Compliance with support of it's business partner can make your life easy by offering the solution to you and your business in getting the Money Transmitter License in USA.

We can assist you in services like:

Compliance Support

Bank Led Partnerships

Where bank can sponsor under their own umbrella

Principle License Holder Led Sponsoship

Getting sponsored by the already license holder sponsorship services

Our services are:

Coverage For Licensing & Regulatory:

If you want to apply for your own licence, become an agent for an existing licence, “rent” a licence (i.e. be sponsored under one), or become an ISO for an existing licence holder, this is the place to go. We provide licencing services in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe, and Australia/New Zealand.

Banking Services Availability:

We can assist you if you are a licenced money services business or a non-licensed entity looking for MSB friendly institutions. Our solution providing covers everything from MSB Business Bank Accounts to Crypto-Friendly Banks to Correspondent Banking.

Money Transfer & Remittance Business:

If you want to start a money transfer (remittance) firm, there are a few things you should know. This is the internet's most comprehensive gateway. From getting started to advanced topics, we've got you covered. From licencing to banking and everything in between, we've got you covered.

We can assist domestic fintech start-ups, money transfer start-ups, incumbent money transfer/payments companies from outside the US, and plain vanilla payments companies that fall under the umbrella of a money transmitter.

Bank Led Sponsorship

Have a licenced institute sponsor your project, i.e. any of the following institutions can support your project under their own licencing umbrella.

  1.  A credit union
  2. A federally chartered bank
  3. A community bank
  4. A state-chartered bank

Sponsorship by a Money Services Business that possesses the required money transmitter licences where you are seeking licensure coverage is known as Principal License Holder Led Sponsorship.


Become an authorised delegate of a money transmitter licence holder or a bank (albeit, becoming an agent of a bank is extremely difficult).

Program Manager

Working with a programme manager means they've already completed all of the integrations, etc. with many licenced financial institutions and can provide you with either an aggregate API with all of the appropriate KYC, AML, technological stack, and so on. The programme manager is sometimes referred to as the bank or the licence holder themself. 

Apply For Your Own Licenses

Applying for licences state by state is a time-consuming and expensive process, but it is always an option if you have the money and patience.

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