Money Laundering in Spain is an on-going problem with the largest source of laundered funds in the country resulting from Terrorist Financing and organized crime.

Spain had initiated full implementation of the Third Money Laundering Directive, along with the legislations imposed by Servicio Ejecutivo de PrevenciĆ³n del Blanqueo de Capitales" (SEPBLAC).

Compliance Services in Spain

Compliance outsourcing:

We are aware that the range, scope and style in which a compliance audit can be executed may vary extensively from organisation to organisation, which is why we insist that we have a meeting at the very beginning to determine and define the precise scope of work you require.

ABM Global Compliance provides the compliance advisory service including Internal Audit on the overall activities of a Money Transfer Business in Spain, which is fully complied with the detailed Third Money Laundering Directive of European Commission plus regulation imposed by SEPBLAC, the Spanish regulator responsible for the supervision and implementation of AML legislation.

The scope of our Compliance Advisory Service and internal audit are:

  • Risk Assessment Service
  • Preparation of documents under PSD2
  • Preparation of staff training Manual. Records and testing the standards of Training.
  • Developing Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR's) system and train up the nominated officer on how to report to the SEPBLAC.

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