We Provide Compliance Support for Consumer Credit and Corporate Finance Advisors

ABM Global Compliance works closely with the businesses involved in Consumer Credit and Corporate Finance activities to process their Authorisation and also to ensure that the business is presented in the best possible light to the FCA.

ABM Global Compliance will then steer you through the process of submitting the application to the FCA and responding to their inevitable queries.

Compliance Support by ABM Global Compliance

We provide support, training and documentation to assist running the following types of business compliantly, once you are authorised, through our Compliance Support packages:

  • Payday lenders
  • Pawnbrokers
  • Firms providing personal loans
  • Debt administrators
  • Investment advisors
  • Brokers, Dealers and Traders
  • Insurance intermediaries
  • Mortgage intermediaries
  • Log book lenders
  • Debt management
  • Debt counsellors
  • Debt administrators
  • Credit reference agencies
  • Brokers, Dealers and Traders
  • Private equity firms
  • Secured lenders
  • Payment services firms

We offer the following services to help the businesses meeting the Financial Conduct Authority's (FCA) compliance requirements:

  • Drawing comprehensive business plan (regulatory)
  • Assisting in assessing and tackling business risks
  • Advising in the level of management info and procedures to have satisfactory
  • Treating customers fairly
  • Directions to maintain strong systems and controls by completing all regulatory return on time
  • Building a clear chart of organisational structure
  • Assist in bringing the right compliance procedures in place
  • Advise to build a compliance monitoring programme specific to the operation
  • Assist in detecting and tackling financial crime
  • Directing th best way to comply with data protection act

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