We would aim to maintain a long terms relationship through close and mutually beneficial partnership.

We understand that for many Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SME) internal resources can be limited at times and not sufficient to carry out an internal compliance tasks on a daily basis or maintain a separate department just for compliance.

About ABM Global Compliance Services

Services development:

In all cases these services can develop and evolve to the extent that for some clients we can even manage internal management meetings or similar processes just to ensure that actions are being taken.

While Compliance Outsourcing does not remove your board’s responsibility for their internal compliance it does remove much of the day to day hassle involved in achieving compliance.

Provide skilled staff:

Hence we provide skilled staff who will manage these activities for you and carry out activities such as file reviews, maintaining registers, writing monthly compliance board reports and many more as may suit your organisation.

Fixed monthly cost:

To price the contract we would typically agree a fixed amount of time with you to be spent supporting your internal compliance at a fixed monthly cost and the activities to be performed. We monitor the relationship carefully and discuss with you how much time should be allocated.

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